New Capitol Cinemas

On The Move

Terms and Conditions

1. Tickets are subject to capacity and entry is not guaranteed.

2. Right of admission is reserved.

3. All sales are final, and non transferrable. Refunds and exchanges will not be made for inadvertently booking the wrong movie.

4. If a show is cancelled for any reason, your tickets will be transferrable for any other night or a later movie tour. Don’t worry; each show has a specific ticket so when a show is cancelled we will know that your movie did not play when you come back at a later date with that ticket.

5. Customers cannot damage or remove vegetation belonging to the venue.

6. Customers must remain within the designated areas indicated for the event.

7. Open flames of any sort may not be brought to the site.

8. NO alcohol is permitted! New Capitol Cinemas reserves the right to eject any person/persons who is intoxicated and/or causing a disturbance. Such persons will not be entitled to a ticket refund.


Neither the company, nor any of it’s Directors, agents or employees (the specified persons) shall be liable for personal injury to or the death of any person or the loss or theft of or damage to any property of whatever nature at the venue however arising or caused and whether be reason of the default or negligence of the specified persons or any of them or otherwise, all of which liability is hereby expressly excluded. Any other or remaining liability, if proven, shall be limited to the value of the voucher herein.

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