Turn your trip to New Capitol Cinemas!

Food & Drinks

Turn your trip to NCC Acacia into a cheerful dining experience with our wide selection of made-for-cinema hot meals. Treat yourself to Burgers, Pizzas , hot dogs or chicken strips or share popcorn and chocolate-covered treats.

NCC Platinum

Want to feel what it’s like to fly first class? Welcome onboard the New Capitol Cinemas Luxe experience. Fully-reclining, extra-wide seats, ample legroom and pillowy-soft head and foot rests.

Luxe & Dine

Imagine the indulgent first-class comfort of our Luxe seating combined with a restaurant-style menu and waiter service. Enjoy a sumptuous feast in your cinema seat.

Private Cinema Bookings

Enjoy a private cinema experience with your friends and family. Choose a film from either the latest releases or from a selection of favorite classics.

Order food and beverages in advance, and even upload your own personalized message to the big screen before the show.

Coming Soon More